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Our Story

When we were younger, there were only two types of jobs available in our village: women became teachers, men went to the army. And if we didn’t choose one of these, we would have to move out of our home.  


We want to do something different. We want to do something we love.


Our dream is to preserve the site while economically lifting our local community. This dream has become a reality with the creation of Hand by Hand Heritage Umm al-Jimal in 2018. Our company name embodies this spirit as one hand is the community of Umm al-Jimal reaching out to the second hand of the wider community of the world. We support one another, together. 

We are the Four Partners of Hand by Hand:


Jehad Suliman

General  Director

Jehad, 26 years old, received a degree in architecture at Al al-Bayt University. With passion and a commitment for site preservation, he has worked for the Umm el-Jimal Project since 2017.

“I believe HxH it will be a big improvement to engaging the local community in preserving the site”.


Samar Erman

Executive Administrator

Samar, 29 years old, joined the HxH team in April 2018. She studied Management Information Systems and tour guiding. With a love for tour guiding, she currently works on the Umm al-Jimal site.

“My relationship to the site did not start with my birth. It is longterm, and comes from when my family, the Masa’eed, settled in the site around 1930.”


Yaseen Hasan

Public Relations + Project Evaluation

Yaseen, 26 years old, joined the HxH team in 2018. He studied computer science and has worked with a women’s microfund since 2016. Before that, he volunteered in the area of Umm al-Jimal.


Ahmad Huseen 

Employee Management

Ahmad, 38 years old, joined the HxH team in 2017. He studied Islamic studies and has worked in the Za’atari refugee camp.

“I wish to see the site of Umm al-Jimal on the tourism world map".


To create unique travel experiences offered through a diverse list of activities by collaborating with our local community.  

To preserve the archeological site and raise economic livelihood of our community.



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